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How to increase Loom Efficiency ?

1-Monthly Analyses:

The control factors effecting the weaving shed efficiency have been described in Read More . By applying this system overall spinning and weaving efficiency can be improved by monthly analyses of out of production hours and also checking weaver performance once a month. This will help you to increase weaving efficiency .

-Order Time Studies ver.1.3 and apply it in your mill and see the benefits

The Procedures for Application of Time Studies into your Spinning and Weaving Mills

PHASE A: Report Study and Implementation

1- Order the Time Studies ver 1.3
2- Select a teacher from your technical personnel let him(her) to study the report from beginning to end
3- The teacher should train the technical personnel
4- Select another teacher to study the report . This new teacher should train again the technical personnel
5- Make a Work Plan for the Implementation of the report .
6- Implement the work plan step by step and record the progress for each action

PHASE B: Spread Sheet Calculation Tables with Charts Practical Applications

Time Studies includes work Sheet Examples to control efficiency,productivity , stoppages and work load assignment in spread sheet formats . There are tests should be carried out in mills.

For Spinning :

-Carry out Spinners performance Test
-Carry out Number of spindles allocated per Spinner Test
-Carry out Number of Spindles allocated per Operative in Roving Frame Test
-Carry out Winding Performance Test and Number of Heads per Operative Test
-Carry out Standard Number of Heads Per Operative Test
-Check your entire spinning mill with Itru Standards Monthly Analyses

For Weaving :

- Weaver Performance Test Long Time Weaver Report Analyses
- Work Load & Production Efficiency and Number of Looms Analyses Tests
-Number of looms and Operative and Machine Utilization Tests
-Analyses of Effect of Machine Interference upon Efficiency on your tests values
-Check your standards StopLoom per hour upon PRDN % and number of loom allocated to weaver Table

-Make use of Monthly Control Table to control your weaving Shed with Charts

If you send an e-mail about the progresses or encountered problems then technical support will be given free of charge .

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