FABRIC SETTING PC-PROGRAM ver 3.0 by Itru Group Ltd

Table of Contents

1. What' s New in Fabric Setting Version 3.0 3

2.0 Fabric Setting Input Data 3

2.1 Output Values 4

3. Process Optimization of Weaving Shed with Fabric Setting Pc-Program 10

3.1 Fabric Construction Analyses of Woven Fabrics 10

3-2 Basic Warp Tension , Warp Yarn Tensile Properties and Warp Tension at Shed Opening and Beat- up 11

3.3-Shed Setting Parameters in Relation to Warp Yarn Tensile Properties 11

3.4-Correlation of Fabric Setting Output Parameters and End-Break Rate and Weaving Mill Performance Test with Fabric Setting Pc-Program 12

3.5-Fabric Weaving Problems and Remedies 14

3.6-Fabric Weight Gram Per Square Meter Measured and Projected for Different Type of Raw Material and Weave Types and Product Development 14

4-Systems Requirements for Fabric Setting Pc-Program 16

5- Summary and Conclusions Order Form for Fabric Setting ver 3.0 16

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