New Conceptions and Approaches in Cotton Fibre Testing and Processing Control with Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1++ from Machine Harvesting to Ring Frame and Ring Frame to Fabric Delivery

First written in April 2006

Revised in June 2006 and Presented in 1st Istanbul Textile and Textile Machinery Congress in 1-2 June 2006 -Istanbul -Tuyap -Türkiye under the heading "New Conceptions and Approaches in Cotton Fibre Processing Control With Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1++ From Machine Harvesting to Ring Frame Delivery";

Revised in July 2006 with new additions

Itru Group Ltd

Table of Contents

1.1 Summary of Testing Information Systems 5

1.2 Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1 + Fibre/Sliver/Spinning Technology Information Systems 7

1.3 Optional Modules for integration to Basic Units of UAK-1 S and UAK-1 + 8

1.4 Requirements for Installation 9

2-Application Range : 10

3- Testing Methods, Test Reports Results and Parameters Summarized 11

4.1 Single Report Test Results 12

Raw materials  could get dirtied in processing and this may cause severe problems in subsequent  processing especially dyeing  16

4.2 Summary Test Results of Comber Noil 17

5-New Conceptions and Approaches 19

5.1 New Methods to Measure Neps and New Terms and Definitions 20

5.2 New Methods to Measure Short Fibre Content Percentage and New Terms and Definitions 28

5.3 New Method of Measurement of Surface Damages of Fibres with % of Surface Damaged Fibres Distribution Range (SDFR%) 34

5.4 New Methods of Measuring the Fineness and Maturity of Cotton Fibres and their Distribution 35

5.5 New Methods of Identifying Different Origins in Sample Tested 41

5.6 New Methods of Optimization of Ratch Setting Distances from Staple Diagram and Fibre Length Measurement in Slivers ( %1 SL from Staple Diagram for Trailing and Leading Sides of the Sliver) 42

5.7 New Method of Determination of CV% of Fibre Parallelism or Degree of Straightened Hooked Fibres 45

5.8 New Method of Measurement of Man-Made Fibres and Colored Cotton Fibres 47

5.9 New Methods of Measuring the Contamination(Trash +Seed Coat Fragments+ % of Yellow Fibre + % of White Spotted Fibres ) and Usable Fibre Content Percent in Raw Material, Sliver and Waste 48

5.10 New Method of Color Measurement of Cotton and Other Fibres 50

5.11 Questions about Fibre Strength gram per tex Measurements 52

6- Itru Cotton Fibre Standardization and Classification Systems 53

7-Comparison with other systems 54

8- In Mill Training Courses , Mill Application and Mill Test Reporting with UAK-1 + 59


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