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Product Information Itru Fibre/Fabric Tester UAK-1 +

ITRU FIBRE TESTER UAK-1+ has been constructed on ALHERIZMI PATH (Algorithm) that belongs the Turk Mathematician Harezmli Mehmet who lived in the IX. century .

ITRU FIBRE TESTER UAK-1+ is a system of New Fibre/Sliver/Waste and Yarn Spinning Information Technology .One could clearly the see the differences by comparing the total number of parameters measured and computed by 3 existing systems Fibre/Sliver/Waste Analyser and UAK+1 . UAK+1 measures and computes more than 88 parameters and replaces existing systems with an INNOVATIVE new Textile Technical Terms and Definitions .

Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1+ developed by Turk Engineers is an innovative state of an art technology Fibre/Sliver/Spinning Technology Information System : that measures the importance parameters of all types of fibres ,reporting comprehensive and detailed analyses ,bringing new conception to textile technology with new terms and definitions .

  • Fibre Tester (UAK-1+1 ver 1.1 ) Software
  • Completely automatic measurement systems (mechanic, electronic, pneumatic) and image analysers A computer and MS-Windows operating system
  • TFT slight monitor screen and a printer

UAK-1 + Modules

Basic Module :

  1. Length and Neps Size Measurement System for cotton, cotton mixes any type of fibre upto 100 mm non-colored materials
  2. Cut Staple fibres and colored cotton and cotton mixes upto 100 mm

Direct and on-line length measurement of fibres starting from 0 mm to maximum fibre length
Fibre /Sliver and Fabrics Control From Cotton Harvesting to Fabric Delivery

Further Information

Paper presented in Istanbul FFT2014


Technical Paper

Length and Neps Size Presentation

video width="320" height="240" controls>
Itru UAK-1+ Fibre Length and Neps Size Measurement System
See What you measure- Fibre Beard-Direct Measurement-Comber Sliver
Staple Diagram for Comparison-Comber Sliver and Comber Noil
Neps Size Distribution System-Card Flat Waste

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