The product is Itru Cotton Fibre Testing Machine UAK-S2 for genetics x-breeding, cotton classification, cotton pricing, mixing blending and process control for ginning and blow room in spinning . It measures more than 40 test parameters including the % of dead fibres which is the main cause of complaints from the customers

UAK-S2 Software ver 2.1 is completely re-written . Download Real Video File [6] to see UAK-S2 new version. You need Real Player to run this Video file.Tests 100 Scanned Samples in 0.072 seconds .SEE WHAT YOU MEASURE- SAVE WHAT YOU MEASURE- DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.

ITRU UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System consists of
  • -Fibre Testing Machine and Optic measurement system.
  • -Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System Software ver 2.1.2
  • -Electronic Balance
  • -Color Laser Printer
  • -Barcode Reader (optional) (For bales already have barcode sticker)
  • -Barcode Printer Software ((optional) (For producing barcode sticker)

  • Requirements : 220 Volt AC and 5 Bar Compressed air pressure inlet.
  • Dimensions : 1400x x600 x 895 ib mm
  • Weight : 185 kg ( packed weight for delivery)

Seed Coat Fragments with high UAK-S2 UV % values cause dark specks in dyed fabrics (-UAK-S2 measures seed coat fragments and trash particles directly and separately ) .

EFFICIENCY OF THE CLEANING OF SEED COAT Fragments ARE NOT ONLY RELATED TO SEED COUNT FRAGMENTS count PER GRAM BUT ALSO WHITE SPECKS % AND UAK-S2 UV % measurement value. Fine and mature some cotton types such as Egyptian roller gin cotton can be cleaned much better then saw gin coarse and immature cotton types having high UV and White Specks %. Due to stickiness of seed coat fragments to cotton fibres and also higher coefficient of fibre friction.

Higher contents of immature fibres of saw gin cotton may lead to higher waste % than mature but higher maturity roller gin cotton types. Sticky seed coat fragments could be distinguished by its UV % , White Specks percentage and Darkness Index. Hence,the selection of the developed varieties could be better achieved and improved further.

Since UAK-S2 also measures Leaf Count and Trash Count per gram and their weight percentages these values could also be used to select to optimum varieties for x-breeding in cotton genetics research.

Seed coat fragments SCF Weight % and White Specks % of a given cotton breed type could be improved by changing the inheritances of cotton types at x-breeding research by taking into consideration of Flat Fibres % , White Specks % and Darkness Color Index (spinning and cleaning ability of cotton fibres).

UAK-S2 measures micro dust % which causes wearing of rotors and also damages card clothing. By sufficiently cleaning of dust particles in blow room these problems could be minimized.

Flat fibres(dead fibres) are the main complaints from the customers if not properly removed. (UAK-S2 measures dead fibres % directly)

UAK-S2 measures white specks and immature fibre neps which lead to piling, neps and color defects in the finished goods that can be eliminated by processing these bales in different ways.

Color variation in dyed fabrics also related UV % (ultra viola %) of the cotton fibres .UAK-S2 measures UV % and UV White Specks % so that color variation and white specks in dyed fabrics could be minimised.

UAK-S2 provides two Color-Grade Expert Charts
- Standard WI(Rd) and YI(+b) (Whiteness Index and Yellowness Index)
- LI(Lightness Index) and YI(Yellowness Index) which optimizes color
variation in fabrics .

LI and YI could be proffered to WI to YI since it gives better correlation with non-lint content of the cotton fibres compare to WI and YI Chart.

All types of cotton can be classified in only one CHART.(Pima and Upland.)So you do need to have 2 charts One Color Grade Expert chart for all cottontypes. Cotton Fibre classification is done according to White, Light Spotted,Spotted, Tinged and Yellow Stained (curved lines) intersection with trash straight lines.(0 t0 10). This intersection areas defined as color grade. Border lines could be a problem so UAK-S2 measures exact coordinate of the cotton fibres with only parameter which distinguishes bales from one another . Color Grade Expert Chart helps making a mix.

By making use of Mean Fibre Length and its standard deviati6n statiscally analyse the significant differences between samples tested at given confidence limits.

Fineness H*Mtex Distribution Chart helps to find the traces of x-breeding inheritances on the final variety. Non-uniform fibre mtex distribution is also related to dye take up variation and lower efficiencies in spinning and weaving.

New FQI (Fibre Quality Index) parameter helps the cotton producer and buyer to estimate the price of cotton fibres. UAK-S2 Fibre Quality Index can determine the actual price of the cotton before you make a decision to purchase or sell with regression or cubic spline analyses. Do not pay more for the buyers do not sell under price for the sellers.


The world's fastest and most advanced cotton fibre/fabric testing machine.(8secs per testing time )

It is most simple to use and most advanced cotton fibre testing machine in the world. (One test> one sample >one button) THE SIMPLEST

No installation costs ( just plug ins the cables and air-inlet) and start making test. Delivered as ready to run.

100 % time running ( no need to wait for service) you can replace any part on the machine from local markets.

Make your own calibration cotton samples . No need to have calibration cotton samples. With this system can work any environment .

Helps to solve your ARBITRATION PROBLEMS when selling or purchasing cotton fibres, grey fabric and dyed fabrics. Define the tolerance limits yourself.

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Delivery Time : 3 months after giving order

Further Information :E-mail .

See what you measure solves your Arbitration problems when purchasing and selling cotton fibres and also fabrics. See the running video file.

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Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System-The Fastest-The Most Simple-No installation Cost-The most Advanced
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One Color Grade Expert Chart for All Types of Cotton Fibre

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