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ITRU GROUP LTD (International Textile Research Unit )concentrates on specific problems of mills as well as research and development in textile industry.Our intention is to improve your mill running conditions to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher mill performance levels through R&D Projects ,Knowledge Based Pc-programs and Management Systemsand Innovative Textile Technology Information Systems.

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Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems Research and Development Projects

Itru Electronics

Itru Electronics part of Itru Group Ltd concentrates on developing Textile Technology Information Systems for the textile industry. NEW PRODUCTS of Itru Electronics ARE available now .

UAK-1 + is for any type of fibre /fabric and for any type of color -It can even measure the length and neps of Reactive Black Dyed fibre samples of card flat waste and comber noil

Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Length and Neps Size Distribution Measurement System

ITRU FIBRE/FABRIC TESTER UAK-1+ has been constructed on ALHERIZMI PATH (Algorithm) that belongs the Turk Mathematician Harezmli Mehmet who lived in the at IX. Century .

Itru Fibre/Fabric Tester UAK-1 + is an Innovation & Revolotion in Fibre/Sliver/Fabric Testing

Two Tests lead to More than 88 Parameter

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  • New Technical Terms ,Definitions ,Charts and New Test Methods

    No Calibration  Required -Direct Meaurement

    New features of Itru UAK-S2 Fibre Fabric Information System

    The product is Itru Cotton Fibre Testing Machine UAK-S2 for genetics x-breeding, cotton classification, cotton pricing, mixing blending and process control for ginning and blow room in spinning . It measures more than 40 test parameters including the % of dead fibres which is the main cause of complaints from the customers. .

    UAK-S2 Software ver 2.1 is completely re-written . file. Tests 100 Scanned Samples in 0.072 seconds .SEE WHAT YOU MEASURE- SAVE WHAT YOU MEASURE- DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.

    • Easy Installation of the Software
    • Improved Fibre Length Algorithms.
    • Simplified and Enhanced User Interface
    • Sequential re-testing of the samples in the Fibre Data Base according to filtering expressions
    • Sequential testing of the scanned samples in the File Image Directory Test 100 scanned samples in 0.072 seconds.
    • Barcode Reader (optional) (For bales already have barcode sticker)
    • -Barcode Printer Software ((optional) (For producing barcode sticker)

    New FQI (Fibre Quality Index) parameter helps the cotton producer and buyer to estimate the price of cotton fibres. UAK-S2 Fibre Quality Index can determine the actual price of the cotton before you make a decision to purchase or sell with regression or cubic spline analyses. Do not pay more for the buyers do not sell under price for the sellers.

    Itru UAK-S2 is a NEW Fibre Testing instrument measures Fibre Fineness/Maturity (mean,min,max,std) ,contamination, color, % of White Specs ,% of Yellow Fibres,Whiteness Index and projects total waste in blowroom + cards. The superiority of this system all measurements takes place at the same time with only one test. From Fineness mtex histogram one can analyse the different origins in the cotton mix

    For any type of cotton sample measurement of micronaire value is not a single value. Micronaire means micrograms per inch of single fibre. However, any cotton sample when observed under microscope it could be seen clearly that there is a variation in fineness and maturity within one sample.

    One can see this by comparison of micronaire value of raw cotton and combed noil. If you do not remove immature fibres you get problems in dyed fabrics. Cards and combers could also cause "white specks" which can be determined by UAK-S2 in the process.

    Itru Cotton Fineness and Maturity Measurement System measures this variation within one sample. The superiority of this system that all color and trash measurement also carried out at the same time and fineness and maturity measurement are not affected by trash and seed coat fragments in the sample

    The Fastest-The Most Simple -The Most Advanced

    See what you measure

    Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System

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    Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System-The Fastest-The Most Simple-No installation Cost-The most Advanced
    See What you measure
    One Color Grade Expert Chart for All Types of Cotton Fibre

    Itru Cotton Single Fibre Fineness/Maturity Measurement System

    Itru Cotton Singe Fibre Fineness/Maturity Measurement System converts images into fineness/maturity values for each fibre

    This system comprises

    • -Notebook and Image capturer
    • -Itru Fibre Tester -UAK-SF ver 1.0 (Cotton Single Fibre Fineness/Maturity Measurement System)

    Textel Count Control System from Slivers/ Yarns and Fabric with Itru SPC ver 2.1 Software

    Count control in spinning plays an important part in terms of final product.Textel by ITRU Electronics is most effective and cost optimum instrument in the market.It consists of

    • Electronic balance and note-book
    • Color printer
    • Itru SPC ver 2.1 Software including mass conversion of sliver,yarns and fabrics.

    The main superiority of this system more detailed spc analyses for the count measurements.Textel could also be used for any other data for spc analyses as well and outcome of the results could be trasfered in ascii mode and graphics of count stroke and % of Mean Deviation .Therefore, it has many advantegous over existing old systems.

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