Spinning Mill Data Bank Pc Programs

These programs “TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY AND SPECTROGRAM ANALYSES BY ITRU GROUP LTD have been developed by ITRU GROUP LTD -International Textile Consulting & Management through extensive research work carried out in many spinning mills and mill experience in carding,combing and rotor spinning. These PC-PROGRAMS could be used on all IBM compatible PCs to improve mill performance level to the international standards.

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Fibre Mix Selection,Mixing and Bale Management for Cotton Fibres with Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System

This program reads directly from the data base of Itru UAK-S2 Fibre /Fabric Information
System therefore no data entry is required. In order to run this program ITRU UAK-S2 Fibre /Fabric Information Test System must be installed in the mill and samples should be tested. This program is also given free of charge to those make use of UAKS2 System.

For those who want to make use of Bale Management System in their mills. There is an alternative modules of Fibre Mix Selection and Bale Management Pc-PROGRAM designed for Classical Testing Instruments which requires Fibre Length Tester, Micronaire Tester and Fibre Strength Tester . This module is also available upon requirements. Please get in touch with further details.

Read More http://itru.net/ffis/fibremixuaks2.pdf

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**Itru QC-RS ver 2.1**

**Itru QC-RS ver 2.1**

QC-RS ver 2.1 as an important module of Knowledge Based Quality Management will assist your mill to develop further.

QC-RS ver 2.1 (Quality Control ver 2.1 ) has been developed through many years of mill work carried out in ring and rotor spinning mills. The Effect of System factors of Knowledge Based Quality Management upon production volumes and yarn quality have been taken into consideration as a whole in QC-RS ver 2.1 so that the building of main corner stones of Knowledge Based System have been succeeded. Quality Control Systems with the assistance of this PC-Program could be established with minimum costs compare to other systems .

Read More http://itru.net/ffis/qcringver2.1.pdf

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Yarn Process Engineering ver.2.0 for Ring Spinning

**Itru Yarn Process Engineering ver 2.0

Itru Yarn Process Engineering ver 2.0 has been developed upon research project and tested on for different raw materials mixed with cotton and 100 % cotton fibres.
The system make use of Evenness Tester, strength tester and yarn count tester
Standard Yarn Quality parameters are determined according to fibre properties at the ring frame delivery as well as fibre properties length ,fineness and strength of cotton fibres.

The advantages of this system.
a. Compare your yarn quality data with Itru YPE data
b. Compare your fibre data at ring frame with raw stock at the mix and take remedial actions from bale to
ring frame.

This PC-program for use to compute
(a) Computing fibre properties of length and fibre fineness from Yarn Spectrograph for
any type of cotton and cut staple fibres . and Fibre Strength for cotton fibres.
(b) Plotting optimum and actual Spectrograph curves from Fibre Length and Fibre
Fineness and Yarn Data Parameters
(c) Estimation of thin thick places are related to CV of yarn evenness and Total
(d) Plotting Draft Index Curve.
(e) Yarn Appearance Diagram for CV of yarn
(f) Fibre Graph Distribution of Length
(g) Mass Count Deviation Diagram for 100,000 Reading
(h) Strength Histogram for 100,000 Readings

Read More http://itru.net/ffis/yarnprocesseng.pdf

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New Knowledge Based Pc-Programs

**New Versions of Knowledge Based Pc-Programs and Testing Software for Spinning Mills**

1- Prdn ver 2.1 Pc-Program

Production and Efficiency Control in Ring Spinning Frames
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2- Comber Data ver 2.0 Pc-Program

Combing Noil Reduction and Yarn Quality Improvement Read More


3-Ring Spinning Performance Test ver 2.0Pc-Program

Improvement of Ring Spinning Performance in end break rate and efficiency.Read more

4- Yield Performance ver 2.0 Pc-Program

Improvement of yield performance and reducing manufacturing costs.Read more < http://itru.net/ffis/Yieldperformancever20.pdf

Blowroom and Card Waste Control : Non-lint Analyser of Itru UAK-S2 Information System.Itru UAK-S2 Fiber / Fabric Information System Mill Work Summary Report.More information

5-Spinning Geometry ver 2.0 Pc-Program

Improvement of ring spinning efficiency by controlling winding tension and spinning bobbin build up.
Read More

You can download older versions of other programs

6 -Spin Plan ver 2.1 Pc-Program

Improvement and production increase in ring spinning mills.

Read more http://itru.net/ffis/spinplanver2.1.pdf

7 -Itru Fibre Tester ver 2.1 Pc-Program

Itru Fibre Tester ver 2.1 make use of led scanner to measure fibre length distribution parameters of cotton and blends and 100 % man-mad fibres from the scanned image in addition to fibre length neps per gram and fibre maturity of cotton fibres were also measured. Histogram , Staple Diagram and Fibre Graph were plotted on fibre mass distribution base. Fibre length measurement starts from zero length to maximum fibre length. Detailed information of measured fibre parameters were outlined in Single Detail Report. The pc-program requires led scanner and Twain Driver installed. Pc-program is installed on one computer and Licence Key Number is provided from Itru after installation to run the software. It is a direct measurement of fibre length distribution ,Neps Count per Gram and Fibre Maturity from the scanned image.

Read more http://itru.net/ffis/fibretesterver21.pdf

Pc- Program main structures

1- Data Base Input

2- Own spread sheet table (excel Table)

3- Comprehensive graphics

4- Reporting system

Full Technical support is given free of charge for application of software in your mills.

Windows 32 bit and 64 bit
More İnformation :

(mailto:itru@gmx.com?subject=Further_Information_Pcprograms) .

GSM :90-537-641 07 72 Skype:itrultd

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Itru ICS -About Cotton Articles from Readers and Writers

About Cotton

Welcome to Itru ICS- About Cotton. Articles from readers and writers to contribute to Cotton Demand Enhancement

Read More

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Itru-International Cotton Service-ITRU-ICS

Itru ICS-International Cotton Service is a new cotton fibre/fabric information service of Itru Group Ltd for helping you to get better trade performance and quality in cotton in whole aspects.

Selection, pricing  ,mixing ,blending,processing,manufacturing yarn and fabrics.

Get your Plan and Join ITRU-ICS

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Itru UAK-1 +1 Fibre Length and Neps Size Distribution Measurement from Fibre Beard

Itru Group has developed the “Itru UAK-1+ Cotton Fibre/Fabric Information System” to measure Length and Neps Size distribution from fibre beard. The importance of this system Length and Neps Size distribution takes at the same time along with the  Length and Neps Size Distribution . Coefficient of Fibre Straightness Variation ,Surface  Damaged Fibres Percentage also measured. These new parameters could be used to  check the hooked fibres in processing stages in ginning , spinning and genetics  research on cotton fibres.
The field of application of this system also include card flat waste, comber noil and blow  room waste and all processing stages from bale to ring frame delivery. Cotton Fibre Neps size distribution in relation to Dyed Fabric appearance has been  analysed. It has been found that 5% Neps Size Distribution is closely related to Dyed Fabric  Neps appearance.
Neps Index measured at the comber delivery which is related to deviation from Fibre  Surface structure is closely correlated with the yarn neps per 1 km.

This  paper   has been  presented  in  FFT-2014  Textile  Conference which has been  held in  Istanbul  Turkiye . (15th  of  October 2014 in  section “Textile  Innovations”  ). .

To  read  please  click  here

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E -Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This  E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement
and cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills.
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Click here for registration to Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing
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Itru On-Line E- Learning by Teaching Series

Itru On-Line  E- Learning by Teaching Series

1- Application of Knowledge Based SPC for Textile Mills  Version 1.1 with Itru SPCv software

Parts I and II

Read  more :  Clickhere to read more

2-Applicationof Knowledge Based QCC for Textile Mills

Clickhere to read more

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