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We have designed a Mailing List in order to serve textile mills in a more efficient way . As you will realize textile industry has complicated structures . This form will help us to serve targeted textile mills with Specific Research Report Summarizes to submit time to time. And all the information that you have submitted here will be kept confidential to third parties. This will also help us to serve your mills more efficiently . If you ever have downloaded any of our Pc-Programs please also fill in. In order to receive News Letters,Technical Reports,Download links of Knowledge Based Pc-Programs of Itru Group Ltd and get benefit of Technical Service please fill in this form below.



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Short Staple Spinning (Cotton & Man-Made Fibres)
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Fabric Manufacturing Weaving
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Finishing -Woven
Garment Manufacturing
Educational Institution
Fibre Producers
Machinery Manufacturer
Software Developer

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    R&D Projects for Textiles
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    Knowledge Based Interactive Reports
    Mill Performance Report
    Knowledge Based Quality Management

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