Cost of raw material plays a significant role in spinning ,weaving and garment manufacturing . For cotton fibers selection ,processing depends upon many factors With this PC-program especially with Rotor Spinning raw material costs could be drastically reduced. and process could also be checked and reduced.

For ring spinning (carded and combed) raw material costs could also be minimized depending upon the end use of yarn. Especially for an integrated spinning and weaving mills raw material costs could be minimized if sufficient work carried out in spinning and weaving sections.

For only cotton carded process reducing raw material cost with the help this PC-program should be supported with Card Fibre Transfer Tests since there is no process for cleaning cotton after carding .

Cost of Combed yarn manufacturing in terms of raw material would depend upon selection of raw material and its processing quality . Fibre Mix Selection ver 1.0 could be useful to minimize raw material costs.

Mill Performance Improvement and Benefit

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Itru Fibre Mix Selection ver 1.0 Pc- Program

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