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ITC&M sets up Computer Aided Knowledge Based Mill Control and P.C.-net work systems in co-operation with sister companies. We have already established our Knowledge Based Mill Control systems in many mills in Turkiye.

ITRU GROUP International Textile Consulting & Management firm, concentrates on specific problems of mills as well as research and development in textile industry. Our intention is to improve your mill running conditions to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher mill performance levels. Work programs of International Textile Consulting & Management are:

Knowledge based mill control systems for optimum quality /minimum manufacturing costs for spinning mills

1.0 Introduction

Optimum quality /minimum manufacturing costs has become the primary target of most of the spinning mills in the world . In order to achieve these targets re-organization of mills have been put into practice . Re-organization includes in the area of CIM AUTOMATION , CAE and KNOWLEDGE BASED MILL CONTROL SYSTEMS and Pc-programs. It is clear from our experience that classical mill control systems are no longer able to reduce manufacturing costs further . All the mills eventually will have to move into this new conception , otherwise there is no chance of competition . This is not only our opinion but all the other leading organizations share similar ideas . The mills which are aware of these facts now are establishing Knowledge Based Mill Control Systems . The conception of Knowledge Based now are widely used all round the world . We have started this concept as Knowledge Based Mill Control Systems and PC-programs . This conception is a product of this computer age . Therefore , it is a must for technology dependent companies. Hence , those are running behind our times would probably not be able to compete at international levels. According to our experience , mills that have adapted themselves to this new conception have reduced their manufacturing costs to a great extend and have established permanent mill control systems for today and tomorrow. It is very pleasing that number of mills make use of these conceptions steadily increasing . International Textile Consulting & Management (ITC&M) has established these mill control systems in many spinning mills in Türkiye . We have completed the Textile Engineering Information Technology PC-programs for spinning and weaving mills but of course they will be developed further within coming days . The most important part of the system is continuously self developing itself.

1.1 Manufacturing Cost Analyses

We have developed manufacturing cost analyses PC-programs in one of the spinning mill in Türkiye;. Our cost analyses quite differ from the existing cost analyses in many ways . It starts from raw material to winding for each stage of processing. It is not only the actual costs but predicted costs calculations are obtained through machine data parameters. Therefore , the ways could be found to minimize these costs. The Figure 1 shows us that actual % of main cost items This graph gives us two main ideas . First , what are the main expenditures and secondly how we could reduce and make savings within a shortest time and right at the first time.


Figure 2: Main Cost Items

It is clear from the graph that main cost part is the raw material and secondly general manufacturing costs and thirdly direct labour. These cost analyses also give information about the general structure of the mill. Therefore, in the first instance having look at the analyses at macro levels then going into details for each stage of processing. Therefore, our pc-programs can able to reduce manufacturing costs within a systematic manner. This also proves that the importance of Optimum Quality / Minimum Manufacturing Cost conception.

Cotton fibers take the primary importance in short staple spinning There are mainly two handicaps in spinning mills in terms of evaluating cotton fibers . One of them is subjective judgment such as hand staple the second is not to use measuring instruments effectively . Most of the cotton cost is not calculated according to spinning performance and yarn quality Therefore , actual cost price could be much higher or not suitable one could be chosen . In order to avoid these handicaps we have developed FIBER -MIX SELECTION.

Fiber Mix selection : Selection of fiber mix according to required spinning data (yarn count , process and twist)

Bale Management : Category system blending for maximum spinning and weaving performance and minimum RKM CV% in relation to loom stress-strain n curves . Bale Management runs in accordance with our Fabric Setting Pc-program so that optimum bale mix is achieved . It is clear from our experience that especially with weaving yarns raw material costs could be reduced more than as expected.

Fiber Data : Projected end breaks , yield performance and quality data.

However , it is also clear that also other PC-programs are necessary to reduce raw material costs .In order to achieve minimum difference between projected and actual spinning performance and at each stage of processing
-Reducing stoppages
-Reducing waste
-Manufacturing yarn with zero defects.

On the other hand these PC-programs also assist to achieve these targets such as since Bale Management Pc-program has been designed to minimize yarn strength variation and strength it minimizes the drafting waves and end-breaks therefore achieving optimum draft organization. The second point is to reduce manufacturing cost with Process Management PC-programs to improve material yield performance For these purposes following PC-programs have been developed: Yield Performance Control Spinning Mill Data Bank Process/ Quality Control Process Management

Pc-programs have reduced the material costs in spinning mills. With respect to cost analyses second important cost factor is general manufacturing costs .In order to lower these costs following points should be considered
-Maximum gram/spindle hour
-Knowledge Based Mill Management and job descriptions

Spinning Mill Data Bank based upon machine card index,lot number and machine check lists and maintenance procedures to maintain minimum spare parts consumption . It is clear that all our PC-programs have been developed to achieve these targets. Third main cost is direct labor which could be reduced by reducing the H.O.K (operative hours necessary to produce 100 kg of yarn).H.O.K could be reduced by
-Increasing production levels
-Minimizing stoppages
-Training and motivating of employees

For efficient working of employees we have developed time studies-work load assignment and PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSES PC-programs which include workers data bank by which it becomes possible to evaluate the direct labor and increase the productivity.

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1.3 Process Stage Cost Analyses

Fig.1.2. shows the manufacturing costs at each stage of processing . The most costly process is the ring spinning then winding ,cards then blowroom Therefore , it is clear that higher the number of styles changes higher the manufacturing costs . The other factors efficiency end breaks per 1000 spindle hour . Knowledge Based Mill Control systems have been developed to minimize these costs to a mini mum levels and it has pronounced effects actual in mill practice than as expected.

1.4 Article Costs and Linear Programming

Manufacturing costs analyses PC-programs shows cost value for each lot and each count of yarn in relation to type of machine . But in order to find most economic product could only be determined by linear programming Therefore , cost analyses could be only effective with linear programming.

1.5 Summary and conclusions

It is evident from our actual mill practice that classical management techniques are no longer able to reduce manufacturing costs further . Therefore , Knowledge Based systems should be established in all spinning and weaving mills . The most superiority of knowledge Based system is that continuously developing itself. Computer aided textile information technology is without doubt will become more important in future.

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Cotton Yarn x-section with blends- above horizontal line is derived from this microscopic image. Effects of spindle speed on yarn surface and x-section has been researched by our group.


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Fiber Mix selection : Selection of fiber mix according to required spinning data (yarn count , process and twist)

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