Efficiency analyses in weaving sheds reveal that most significant factors are warp and weft stops. Since mending of warp breaks takes usually more time than weft stops resulting more down time than weft stops. Hence ,the causes , remedies of end breaks must be systematically analyzed and solved.

Our research work carried out in different weaving sheds and at different types of looms and articles reveals that there is a close correlation between end-break rate in weaving and fabric structure . We have developed a Warp breaks projecting PC -program to predetermine the end break rate in weaving so that cost calculations and problems related to fabric structure could be more easily solved . We call this correlation factor end break rate factor . Given fabric construction parameters and the type of loom end break rate Per 100,000 picks could be predetermined . If the actual end break rate is higher than expected it shows that faults in the warp preparation process which should be examined . Mill work should be carried out to reduce the end break rate since the fabric construction is determined by the customer . However, some changes could be carried out in design of articles. Hence , sizing procedure gains a very important role effecting the end break rate . Size Data PC-program developed by ITRU GROUP LTD provides correct and scientific solutions to sizing problems .

Mill Performance Improvement and Benefits

Pc-program is also supported by sizing control check lists .By this program

Since all the above parameters are checked sizing process is already under control . However, the main intention of the PC-program is to reduce sizing and weaving costs by reducing end breaks and heat and size consumption . This PC program also succeeds harmonious co-operation between spinning ,sizing and weaving departments and puts an end to passing the buck to other

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