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Mill Performance Report

Mill Performance Report and Process Optimization Work by Itru Group Ltd.

General comments and observations are prepared by our leading members. This report will enable you to compare yourselves with international standards. It will enlighten you on your mill running conditions which needs improvements on. Detailed information and explanation will be given about your production plan, raw material-waste, product quality, mill performance level, labor productivity, mill control procedures, technical data/machine settings, machinery layout, maintenance , ambient condition general impressions, tidiness , order of work and to identify potential areas of opportunity for cost reduction and product quality improvement. Following the preparation of this report, the project work for process optimization that could be carried out according to following items mentioned as below.

This report consists of following sections:
-Examinations of present situation related to the concept of the project
-Objectives for consultant order
-Proposals for the improvement
-Performance of ITRU GROUP-International Textile Consulting & Management
-Conditions of contract for the project work for process optimization
Should both parties agree to work together then Mill Performance Report also serves as a guide line to give necessary suggestions for the mill work for process optimization..

Mill Performance Report can also be prepared for the specific needs of the company as well. For this purpose, we offer special projects for the improvements that could be carried out in the mill according to the observations in the Mill Performance Report.

Therefore, the time required to prepare a Mill Performance Report will be dependent upon the above mentioned factors as well as objectives of the company and the mill performance level. We can not state the exact time limits without considering the work to be done. However, in any case the minimum time required is 2 engineering working weeks.ion of Process Optimization in ITRU-Knowledge

Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems is based upon gathering ,production and effective uses of knowledge to enhance the mill performance level . In order to improve mill performance level Process Optimization Works should be carried out in the mill . The subject of Process Optimization works are determined by

-Quality Reports produced by Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems
-Off Standard Reports produced by Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems
-Mill Performance Reports produced by Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems
-QCC-Reports produced by QCC teams in the Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems
-R&D Projects should be carried out continuously to reduce manufacturing costs ,improve quality and increase production levels and also for gathering of knowledge .
-QFD-Quality Function Deployment Reports produced by Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems

From above it is very clear that establishing of Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems in your Mill could enhance your mill performance level and Mill Performance Report is a starting point for this system to begin in your company .

What is the function of Mill Performance Report as a part of Knowledge Based Quality Management ?

Mill Performance Report is a part of ITRU Knowledge Based Quality Management System. According to the results of Mill Performance Report following procedures carried out monthly by mill technical personnel:

  • Preparing a Mill Performance report
  • Analyzing the results and comparing them with standards and targeted values for this Mill Performance Index is taken as a reference line.
  • Preparing an action plan to improve quality criteria , production levels and reducing manufacturing costs
  • Conducting action plan and getting the results
  • Preparing Test Results Reports
  • Adapting New results to mill
  • Determining new standards and targeted values

This is a continuos process cycle that is carried out at monthly intervals and supported by Knowledge Based pc-programs ,test methods , up to date new testing and evaluating testing and parametric design experiments

Savings as a result of preparing and performing Mill Performance Report in your mill .

According to our experience you could have consistent savings of
a) Raw material
b) Labor
c) Manufacturing costs
d) Production levels
as a result of Mill Performance Report plus quality improvement.

For an application to your mill : For further information and an application to your mill please mail to

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