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Process and Quality Improvement in Spinning Mills -Prdn Ring ver 2.0 Pc-Program

Prdn Ring ver 2.0 Pc-Program by Itru Group Ltd.

1-Prdn ver 2.0 as an important module of Knowledge Based Quality Management will assist your mill to develop further

Prdn Ring ver 2.0 has been developed through many years of mill work carried out in spinning mills. The Effect of System factors of Knowledge Based Quality Management upon production volumes has been taken into consideration as a whole in Prdn Ring ver 2.0 so that the building of main corner stones of Knowledge Based System have been succeeded.

The purpose of pc-program is to increase production volumes at each stage of ring spinning processes and achieve real production and efficiency values close to actual values .In actual mill practice the factors influencing the production volumes are being able to analyzed more scientifically and production volumes could be increased systematically with the guidance of pc-program.

There are many similar programs for computing the production and efficiencies in spinning mills . But in most of the cases yarn contraction due to twist has not been taken into consideration . We have developed Prdn ver 2.0 for controlling ,analyzing and improving the production and efficiencies . Prdn ver 2.0 is the excellent software that runs on windows platform and easiest and simplest to for users.

The pc-program has been designed mainly to analyze and able to observe the factors affecting the production that production volumes could be increased to an higher level.For this purpose excellent and safest data base driver has been chosen .In any ring spinning mill there could be more than 125 ring frames and data entry for these complete machinery could take a very long time .However , with this pc-program Data Entry for 125 machines takes only 10 mins.

There could be many software for production control in ring spinning the main distinction with this pc-program is to solve problems rather than analyzing .

In order to increase production volumes in ring spinning frames following points should be analyzed in terms of logical functions such as (>,<, <>, =, and ,or , ( ) ) for filtering applications as well as sorting for Pareto Analyses and charting of single and average values.

  • Machine number
  • Lot Number
  • Shift date
  • Shift
  • Rpm
  • Number of Spindles
  • Yarn Count
  • Yarn twist

For example ( Shiftdate >=11.11.98 and Shiftdate <= 11.12.98 and Machineno=30 or Machineno=45 and lotno=01-45 and Tpi>=20 ) and Ne=30 is such an example for a filtering application:.

There is a Technical Analyses form in the program to interpret the results.


  • Systematically controlling of production and efficiencies
  • Systematically improving production and efficiency levels
  • Complete control on labor productivity
  • Analyzing performance of machines , lot and any type of combination of key parameters
  • Minimizing out of production hours and improving mill maintenance

Prdn-2.0 also provides technical information for Spin-Cost 1.0 pc-program to minimize manufacturing costs

(Ref:Optimum Quality Minimum Manufacturing Costs)


3- Prdn Ring as a part of Spinning Mill Data Bank

To correct the defects in Carding Machinery Carding Machinery Spinning Mill Data Bank could be effectively used .

The program calculates: optimum and actual ratch setting distances for front and back draft zone according to fibre properties of the sliver entry and distances between bottom rollers gauge A and Gauge B restepectively. This system eliminates carbon paper tests for draft rollers settings

This helps to mill to standardize the each processing machinery according to Lot Number and Machine Card Index Number . All these data is stored in data base so when same lot is re-entered this data can be reapplied to running machinery as a result complete control on yarn quality and technical data /machine settings are achieved..

2-With these procedures all the machines are checked and corrected

3-Applying pc-programs for further stages to determine New Tests for improving quality and productivity

There is a close correlation between fibre properties and yarn quality . For optimum quality and minimum manufacturing costs technical data/machine settings play a significant role for this Itru has suggests for spinning mill application of Spinning Mill Data Bank Pc-programs

You can see any defective running(gears, pulleys and belts,rollers, cylinders,top rollers,motors) items and also faulty settings on gearing diagram by just entering its wave length and comparing the chimneys on spectrograph on evenness Tester so it simplifies the quality manager and maintenance technician work.

4- When all the related machinery is completed mill can carry out complete coverage technical data /machine settings tests for further improvement of manufacturing costs and optimum yarn quality

Following pc-programs are delivered free of charge in relation to spinning mill data pc-programs

  • -Card Fibre Transfer Test with Carding Machinery Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Comber Data - with Combing Machinery Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Ring Spinning Performance and Spinning Geometry - with Ring Frame Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Spin Plan - For complete spinning mill data bank pc-programs

Spinning mills can also have options to select any processing stage for directly using the system according to their needs.

4- Prdn Ring as a part of Knowledge Based Quality Management

This program is free where the KB-QMMS are established . Apply Prdn Ring in your mill» Order Prdn Ring Now »

Prdn Ring Pc-Program could be more effectively used with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre Length and Neps Size Distribution Measurement System over all yarn quality improvement.

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Process Improvement in Spinning with Prdn Ring. Read More »

E-Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement and Cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Fabric Information System and Yarn Process Engineering ver1.1 Software.Read More

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