Knowledge Based Quality Management /Process OPTIMIZATION AND R&D Projects for Spinning Mills

Knowledge Based Management of a Spinning Mill is carried out in following steps and orders.This system could also be applied to any manufacturing industry

In The Knowledge Based Quality Management System, Quality/Process Control units make quality/process control tests and then send them to Quality Management. Quality Management prepares quality reports about result of these tests through DPEA, Problem Analysis and Problem Solving Algorithms and SPC. And also Quality Management programs and prepares working plans about process optimization workings for improve mill performance. This working may be including one process or all process. Especially in the results of analyzing detailed System Factors, there will be many Process Optimization Workings. Therefore these operations improve Knowledge Based Quality Management System. While system becomes to work, R&D projects will be done continuously.

In order to implement a R%D project in any spinning mill.Following stepad should be taken.

  1. firstly Knowledge Based Quality Management System(KB-QMS) should be established.
  2. Mill Research Unit should be established to launch Process Optimization Mill Works in accordance with the instructions given in KB-QMS

Process optimization workings are absolute necessity for improving mill performance to higher leveles. Finally mill will become an R&D department. Meanwhile process optimization must be done with Knowledge Based Pc-Programs and if possible Itru UAK-1 + Fibre Length and Neps Size Distribution System.

E-Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement and Cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Fabric Information System and Yarn Process Engineering ver1.1 Software.

  • Cotton Fibre Testing and Processingt
  • # Project Tittle Engineering in Weeks Project in Months

    Knowledge Based Quality Management

    #1 18 8

    R&D Projects and Process Optimization

    #1 5 3
    #2 5 3
    #3 5 3
    #4 5 3
    #5 5 3
    #6 29 16
    #7 18 11
    #8 5 3
    #9 5 3
    #10 5 3
    #11 15 9
    #12 5 3


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