QC-RS ver 2.0 as an important module of Knowledge Based Quality Management will assist your mill to develop further

QC-RS ver 2.0 (Quality Control ver 2.0 ) has been developed through many years of mill work carried out in ring and rotor spinning mills. The Effect of System factors of Knowledge Based Quality Management upon production volumes and yarn quality have been taken into consideration as a whole in QC-RS ver 2.0 so that the building of main corner stones of Knowledge Based System have been succeeded. Quality Control Systems with the assistance of this PC-Program could be established with minimum costs compare to other systems .

QC-RS ver 2.0 has been designed in such a way that yarn quality parameters , interference factors ( stoppages and end breaks) and production parameters have all been taken into consideration with relation to Yarn Quality Data .

The purpose of pc-program is to increase production volumes at each stage of ring spinning processes and achieve real production and efficiency values close to actual values .In actual mill practice the factors influencing the production volumes are being able to analyzed more scientifically and production volumes could be increased systematically with the guidance of pc-program.



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