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ITRU GROUP LTD.. International Textile Research Unit concentrates on specific problems of mills as well as research and development in textile industry. Our intention is to improve your mill running conditions to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher mill performance levels. KNOWLEDGE BASED QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND PC-PROGRAMS

In order to compete at international levels textile mills should be able to solve tomorrow's problems from today . To achieve this all the textile mills should be restructured according to changing constraints in accordance with the KNOWLEDGE BASED SYSTEM . Hence following sections should be reconstructed according to knowledge based conception.
a) Quality planning
b) Quality management
c) Quality/process control , production planning , production , training
d) Maintenance
e) Manufacturing cost analyses
f) Purchasing
g) Sales and sales planning
h) Personnel

MILL surveys of comparison of production levels in two spinning mills


Classical Management

Knowledge Based Quality Management

Rotor rpm



Yarn RKM



Comber Noil



Waste Total



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E-Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement and Cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Fabric Information System and Yarn Process Engineering ver1.1 Software. Read More

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