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The following applied research projects could be carried out in your mill to improve your quality and production levels . There are some funds available from each country to support research and development projects in textile industry. The main intention of these projects to install mill research unit in textile mills and conduct Advanced Applied Research Projects . If you are interested in any of the projects below please get in touch with us . If you have a specific problem and state the problem and send to us .

Process optimization workings are absolute necessity for improving mill performance to higher leveles. Finally mill will become an R&D department. Meanwhile process optimization must be done with Knowledge Based Pc-Programs and if possible Itru UAK-1 + Fibre Length and Neps Size Distribution System.

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Project Title

Project Descriptions

Quality Management Knowledge Based Quality Management Systems and Process/Quality Improvement in Spinning Mills
Spin Plan For revising spinning plan and adapting new drafting organization to increase production levels at each stage of spinning process from carding to ring and rotor frames
Yield Improvement For adapting knowledge based techniques and minimizing blowroom and carding wastes and at the same time improving yarn quality with new mathematical spinning models.
Combing Noil Reduction Combing noil % yield to 50 to 60 of total waste in combed yarn and can be scientifically reduced to a minimum value for each mix.
Technical Data/Machine Settings From blowroom to ring frames improve your quality and production levels , enhance your textile technology know-how.Eliminate your mechanical defects supported by Spinning Mill Data Bank, Parametric Design Experiments and Spin Matrix Knowledge Based PC-programs.
Ring spinning spindle speed increasement Spindle speeds could be increased to a higher level without deteriorating yarn quality
Rotor speed increasement Rotor speeds could also be increased up to a higher level with proper attention to material and process.
Yarn Engineering Especially with woven warp and weft yarns processed in ring and rotor spinning systems raw-material costs could be reduced with proper selection of raw-cotton according to count and twist by our Fibre-Mix Selection PC-program , Bale Management , Control Plan and Processing Engineering
HOK Increase your productivity (HOK) and reduce labor costs through Knowledge Based Time studies and Work Load Assignment systems  , PC-programs and training in spinning mills.
FMEA for Spinning Integration of  FMEA with Knowledge Based Management to improve quality and productivity in Spinning Mills  
QFD for spinning Integration of Quality Function Deployment for new product development and improving quality in Spinning Mills
Cost Reductions in Spinning Mills A complete project (including many sub-projects ) that is intended to minimize manufacturing costs and improving quality levels .



Loom speed increasement in air-jet weaving Loom speeds can be increased in air-jet weaving with re-setting of weft insertion elements
Efficiency improvement in air-jet weaving with fine counts of warp yarns For fine count of warp yarns efficiency in air-jet weaving reduces in a great deal However, by applying special size recipes and loom settings an increase in efficiency could be obtained up to 10 to 15 %
Drawing-in Arrangement Warp Breaks and abrasion forces could be reduced by special attention to drawing-in arrangements
QFD for weaving Integration of Quality Function Deployment for new product development and improving quality in Weaving Mills
FMEA for Spinning Integration of  FMEA with Knowledge Based Management to improve quality and productivity in Spinning Mills
FMEA-FTA Integration of  FMEA and FTA with Knowledge Based Management to improve quality and productivity in Weaving Mills and Spinning Vertical Mills
Knowledge Based Structuring Knowledge Based Systems in your Spinning and Weaving Mills -Software-Shell and Knowledge Based
Warp breaks Optimization of Warp Breaks with Knowledge Based PC-programs in air-jet weaving
Weft Stops Optimization of Weft Stops with Knowledge Based PC-programs in air-jet weaving
Dimensional Stability of Knitted Fabrics Knowledge Based Analyses of Dimensional Stability of Knitted Fabrics supported by PC-programs

Itru- Advanced Applied Research&Development Projects for Textile Industry

The concept of Applied Research Projects is completely different than usual research projects . In order to get maximum benefit and utilization of research work following steps are taken

  1. Defining the Title of Research Project
  2. Preparing the Research Project in terms of time schedule , Project Management, Project Cost, Research Team Management
  3. Revision of the Project
  4. Application of Research Project by R&D unit and Project Management
  5. Preparing and writing the reports of Results of Research Work in considering SPC techniques and Knowledge Based Pc-Programs
  6. Application of Research Results to the Mill
  7. Moving to next Phase of the Research Project

This is a continuos process for developing mill to minimize manufacturing costs , improving quality and increasing productivity as well as developing and improving new products . Knowledge Based Management is the key factor for research projects to be successful and further development. We recommend to textile mills to

  • read and order » :Knowledge Based Quality Management ver 1.0

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