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Process and Quality Improvement in Spinning Mills

Process/Quality Improvement and Technical Data/Machine Settings from Blowroom to Yarn Delivery


These programs "TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY AND SPECTROGRAPH ANALYSES BY ITRU GROUP LTD have been developed by ITRU GROUP LTD -International Textile Consulting & Management through extensive research work carried out in many spinning mills and mill experience in carding,combing and rotor spinning. These PC-PROGRAMS could be used on all IBM compatible PCs to improve mill performance level to the international standards.

The number of mills which utilize these PC-PROGRAMS are growing each year since they bring tremendous advantages to the spinning mills. It is clear that all the spinning mills will eventually have to install these PC-PROGRAMS in their mills if they wish to be competitive in the market.

Objectives of the PC-programs

The PC-PROGRAMS include following main points:

  • Technical Data/Machine Settings
  • All the technical calculations related to quality/ production process/quality control procedures.
  • Optimum machine settings
  • Machine Card Index based upon the date and lot #
  • Process Summary based upon the date and lot#
  • DATA BANK for analyzing different lots and further reuse.
  • All technical know how related to machine data/machine setting and mill control systems
  • Mechanical fault analyses of each item in the machinery
  • Wavelength and r.p.m. of each item of the machinery according to technical data/machine settings
  • Gearing and machine setting diagrams for each machine and their importance in quality and production levels
  • All technical calculations in tables form.

These programs have been designed from blowroom to spinning machinery. With the help of these programs it is possible to improve your quality and increase your production as well as improving your mill performance level each passing day.

The Importance of Technical Data/Machine Settings

It is very well known that mills having the same machinery lay-out and producing identical yarn counts could have very different profit values. As the technology improves the differences in the production costs between developed and developing countries get less and less each day. Now,CIM systems have been widely used in United States,Europe and Japan. However,CIM systems are only effective if they are supported by. The future of spinning mills would be dependent upon the CIM AND THE KNOWLEDGE BASED PC-PROGRAMS which analyze the data produced by CIM.

In order to achieve higher profit ratio per operating hour following points should be considered.

  • Raw material price per kg >>TYPE OF RAW MATERIAL
  • Percentage of total waste >>TYPE OF RAW MATERIAL/MACHINE SETTINGS
  • MAXIMUM PROFIT >>Optimum yarn quality with minimum costs


  • Proper selection of raw material [FIBRE MIX-SELECTION-BALE MANAGEMENT ]

One could clearly see that how important the PC-PROGRAMS in spinning mills and how the technical data/machine settings influence the manufacturing costs.

The effect of Spectrograph curve on yarn quality

The spectrograph curve at each stage of processing is closely related to the

-Number of fibres in x-section
-Type of yarn manufacturing process(carded,combed and open-end)

The CV% irregularity of sliver or yarn is related to above factors and mechanical faults in the machinery. Mechanical faults in all processing stages would cause thick and thin places. And it is not always possible to eliminate them by doubling. One could check this by taking four subsequent tests of spectrograph and would get different shapes if there were faults in the previous stages. Therefore,mechanical defects should be eliminated.

Mechanical defects in the machinery could cause

  • Higher irregularity
  • More faults in the yarn as seldom occurring and frequently occurring
  • Higher strength variation and higher end-break rate in weaving and spinning therefore more waste in spinning and more operative work load.

Since these programs identify the mechanical defects these problems are eliminated.

Savings As a Result of Installation of These PC-Programs

The savings could be summarized as follows:
a)Standardization of technical data machine settings for each type of lot
b)Establishing of a standard process organization according to each lot
c)Elimination of mechanical defects and achieving better quality and less down time .
d)Identifying of standard running machines and styles with respect to quality,production and waste.
e)Determination of the important parameters which influence the quality and production and taking more accurate measures.

Textile Technolgy/Spectrograph Analyses and Process Optimization

Yarn Quality is mainly determined by Fibre Properties(length distribution and fineness mtex) at the ring frame delivery and processing quality of fibres from bale to ring frame delivery.. Therefore in order to improve yarn quality and also reduce manufacturing costs. Each processing stage should run in proper condition Spinning Mill Data Bank Pc-Programs could be a very helpful to correct the faulty running processing stages and machinery within this process

The procedures :

1- Checking the Yarn Process

a) Yarn is tested at 400 m/min speed on an evenness tester for 5 minutes amounting for 2000 meters. And single spectrograph is obtained which shows the total process from card ro ring frame delivery..This spectrograph is scanned and e-mailed to us for identifying faulty processing stage and defective machinery items.
b) By examining the Yarn spectrograph the work plan for the implementation of pc-programs is determined.

2-Work plan :

1- Preparing the Gearing Diagrams:
The gearing diagram sheet provided by the machinery manufacturer and actual gearing diagram on the machine may differ . Hence each machinery gearing diagram is checked according to real values on the running machine. When the gearing diagram is completed the software is prepared according this new gearing diagram.. The mill applies the software and work plan to correct the faulty running parts, settings to improve the process..:

The program calculates: optimum and actual ratch setting distances for front and back draft zone according to fibre properties of the sliver entry and distances between bottom rollers gauge A and Gauge B restepectively. This system eliminates carbon paper tests for draft rollers settings

This helps to mill to standardize the each processing machinery according to Lot Number and Machine Card Index Number . All these data is stored in data base so when same lot is re-entered this data can be reapplied to running machinery as a result complete control on yarn quality and technical data /machine settings are achieved..

2-With these procedures all the machines are checked and corrected

3-Applying pc-programs for further stages to determine New Tests for improving quality and productivity

There is a close correlation between fibre properties and yarn quality . For optimum quality and minimum manufacturing costs technical data/machine settings play a significant role for this Itru has suggests for spinning mill application of Spinning Mill Data Bank Pc-programs

You can see any defective running(gears, pulleys and belts,rollers, cylinders,top rollers,motors) items and also faulty settings on gearing diagram by just entering its wave length and comparing the chimneys on spectrograph on evenness Tester so it simplifies the quality manager and maintenance technician work.

4- When all the related machinery is completed mill can carry out complete coverage technical data /machine settings tests for further improvement of manufacturing costs and optimum yarn quality

Following pc-programs are delivered free of charge in relation to spinning mill data pc-programs

  • -Card Fibre Transfer Test with Carding Machinery Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Comber Data - with Combing Machinery Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Ring Spinning Performance and Spinning Geometry - with Ring Frame Spinning Mill Data Bank
  • -Spin Plan - For complete spinning mill data bank pc-programs

Spinning mills can also have options to select any processing stage for directly using the system according to their needs.

To get a sample from the pc-program please Click here and fill in the Form A Sample from the Pc-P rogram will be sent to you

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