This PC-program has been developed through many years of research and experience carried out in spinning mills. Spinning Geometry and bobbin dimensions have been designed to help spinners and winders to improve productivity in spinning and winding departments.

1.1 Effect of yarn package density upon spinning efficiency

Spun yarn weight of spinning cops effects efficiency of ring frames and winding machinery. Hence, this makes necessary for checking of package weight very carefully and obtain optimum values for spinning and winding. Amount of yarn spun onto ring tubes depends upon the following factors:

These two factors determine the yarn weight but they are also influenced by

  • Tube dimensions
  • Full bobbin dimensions
  • Conicty of tube
  • Clearance between tube and spindle
  • Spindle diameter-
  • Yarn winding starting position
  • Yarn winding ending positions
  • Bottom stroke length
  • Ring rail lift
  • Winding length Per stroke
  • Yarn twist
  • Type of raw material
  • Yarn count
  • Spinning yarn tension
  • Traveler weight
  • Yarn diameter
  • Fibre packing density in yarn formation

Therefore, for optimum results all these above parameters should be checked and regulated. Hence ,setting and controlling all these parameters without a PC-program requires a lot of time consuming calculations and computations.

Spinning efficiency is closely related to number of doffs per shift As the package weight increases number of doffs per shift decreases and efficiency increases . This necessitates the optimum shaping of spinning bobbins The other important point is to increase efficiency in high speed winding . The quality and formation of spinning cops have an enormous effect upon the efficiency on winding and work load. Especially unattended spinning cops due to end breaks causes lower efficiency in winding.

Optimum package weight is determined by volume and packing density . This PC-program computes packing density in three volumes considering the conicity of tube i.e. bottom, straight and top sections.

Since yarn package is weighed so yarn packing density is computed . The other important point is the number of coils per ring rail stroke which determines the coiling distance. Coil spacing depends upon the yarn diameter and should be 7 to 8 times of yarn diameter. Since yarn diameter is computed for a given type of raw material and yarn count hence optimum regulation of coil spacing is achieved.

1.2 Unwinding properties of spinning bobbin for high speed winding.

Unwinding tension is greatly influenced by the spinning bobbin shapes. In order to achieve high speeds in winding following measures should be taken in ring frames:

Therefore, setting of spinning technical data parameters effect determines the quality and productivity of winding department.

1.3 Effect of Spinning Geometry upon end-break rate

This PC-program also includes spinning geometry technical data parameters . End break rate is influenced by the spinning yarn tension during spinning. Yarn tension is influenced by

  1. Spinning geometry
  2. Spindle speed
  3. Ring diameter
  4. Tube diameter
  5. Laying angle
  6. Traveler weight

In modern ring frames yarn tension is regulated by regulating the spindle speed. To increase spindle speed spinning geometry and balloon shape should be checked with stroboscope. This procedure will identify the off-standard running spindles. Hence, this PC-program predicts running yarn tension according to given technical data so that excessive spinning tension could be avoided. It is clear that increasing spindle speed could be achieved with this SPINNING GEOMETRY PC-PROGRAM.

1.3 Causes of End Breaks and effect of Spinning Cops Building

Approximately 60% of end breaks in ring spinning frames breaks occurs from front role to ring . The causes of end breaks are not all the time related to yarn strength and evenness . Not proper spinning cops formation also may lead to high end break rate due to air-drag forces ,spinning balloon and eccentricity between spindle and ring . Therefore, spinning cops formation is not simply a winding onto tube and also has an effect upon yarn hairiness .

2.0 Mill Performance and Summary of benefits

Application of Ring spinning Performance pc-program in your mill following improvements could be achieved

3.0 Spinning Geometry as a part of R&D project

We carry out this PC-program as a part of increasing production improvement in ring spinning research and development project . If you are interested in this project please get in touch with us.

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