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Field of Application for Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1+ and Testing Operation

Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1 + is an innovative measurement and evaluation system based on the image processing and analysing .With UAK-1 + Color matching analyses of dyed and undyed samples of fabrics could be carried out in addition to measurement and analysing of length,color,neps ,contamination of waste, material and sliver .-

With UAK- 1+
-Diameters of wool fibres in microns
-Picks per cm or ends/per cm of fabrics
-Courses/cm and wales/cm of knitted fabrics
-Fabric Porosity % of fabrics
-% of Fibres in blends
-% of white specks measured under UV-light
-% of fibres in Yarn-X-section
-Black Neps in melange fabrics
-Neps in dyed fabrics could also be measured, analysed and evaluated.

Testing Operation

Beard Test:

Test Material is placed upon the Feed Unit. Start1 button actuates the Feeding Unit which in turn feeds the material to the Measuring Clamping Head. Fibres are straightened ,brushed by special system and at the same time Feed Unit is cleaned automatically. Clamped Fibres which are ready for measurement in the Measuring Head move underneath the Image Capturer. The operator saves the captured image to the computer .and Press Start 2 button . Measuring Head moves further and fibres in clamped head automatically cleaned and returns to original starting position for commencing next test. All these sequences of movements are completed within a 25 seconds.

Surface Test :

The material is placed in the reserved Box . Scan button as pressed which actuates cover plate to move down and which in turn covers the material to be tested. The operator saves the image on the screen of the monitor.

After these two tests operators get either single detailed or summary reports.

UAK-1 is a fully automatic,rapid ,only and the first Fibre/Sliver/Waste/Fabric measurement , evaluation information system in the world. Thanks to its fibre feed system that can measure slivers in both directions (leading and trailing) without distorting the slivers and breaking the fibres before the measurement takes place . UAK-1+ which measure fibers in several points in processing and can be used to improve spinning performance, reduce waste, identify off-standard running processes and machinery. and yarn quality (Fiber/Sliver/Spinning Technology Information system).



The Field of Application


Statistical values and their distribution

All Fibre Types < 200mm


Statistical values and their distribution

All Fibre Types < 200mm


Statistical values and their distribution

All Fibre Types < 200mm


Statistical values and their distribution



Statistical values and their distribution



(Seed+Trash + Dust) %


Foreign Matter %


All Materials

Cleanness %


All process stages

Dirtiness %


All Materials

Yellow Fibres


All Fibre Types

White Specks %


All Fibre Types

Fibre /Fabric Shade Analyses

Numerical Color Statistical Analyses


CV% of Fibre Straightness



Surface Damaged Fibres

Distribution Range %

Cotton Fibres

Fabric /Fibre Conversion

White Specks %

Cotton Fibres

Cotton Fibre Strength

Presley 1/8 inch gr/tex


% of Blends in Mixes

% of blends

All Fibre Types < 200mm

Fibre Diameter

Fibre Diameter in microns

Fibres <25 micron

% of air porosity


Knitted and woven raw fabrics

Warp/weft density/cm


Knitted and woven raw fabrics

Color Matching

Color Numerical Values and their distribution

All Fibres and Fabrics

Damages on the fibre surface structure

White Spots Distribution Range %

All Fibres

Yarn Diameter


All Yarns

Microscopic image of yarn structure

Blend %

All Yarns(optional)



Raw Material ,slivers and fabrics

Colourful neps


Raw Material ,slivers and fabrics

Large Neps


Fibre and Sliver

Spectrograph and parameters

Graphics and numerical values

Draw frame,Comber , Lap Machine, roving and ring frame(Cotton)

Fibre Parallelism %


All Slivers

Cotton Classification


All Cottons

Blend Preparing


All Cottons

Visual dyeing tests

Numerical Color Values

All Materials

Dyed Cotton Analyse

Original fibre Fineness and color analyse

All Dyed Cottons

Graphics and Charts :
Length : Histogram,Staple Diagram by number and weight , Fibre Graph, Fibre Density Mass Spectrograph of slivers according to measured fibre properties from carding to ring frame for cotton
Fineness and Maturity : Normalized and Actual Histogram of Micronaire and Normalized Theta Histogram
Color Histogram Surface
Color Histogram Length
Images :

-Yellow fibres , totally white fibres, trash ,leaf seed coat fragments and dust
-Fragmentation of mixes into blends
-From single fibre to beard of fibres
-Fibre Surface

Itru Fibre Tester UAK-1+ comprises a very detailed Fibre/Sliver/Waste Analyser information and New Fibre Processing Techniques for short and long staple spinning. UAK-1+ has been developed as a result of many years of hard research works and finding solutions to the mill problems.

It is very clear that the mills who make use of UAK-1+ will gather more information to improve their mill performance to a higher level than they actually have now

Measured and computed parameters are more than 70 and the charts provided are more than 10. The application make using of all these parameters and charts will come into light in future more and more. We let you to decide to make comparison and the fields of application of UAK-1 to end user.

Our Testing Services is available for the testing parameters mentioned above. If you like to have test your samples please get in touch with us for further information.


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