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These courses are related to Process Optimization , R&D projects and special projects.The main intention of these systems are to reduce manufacturing costs to a minimum value and to increase the mill performance level to the international standards and solve the tomorrow's problem today .These mill projects have brought tremendous advantages to textile mills where have been installed . Our PC-programs have made a very effective improvement in the quality, productivity and manufacturing cost levels of those mills where they have been installed. These projects are carried out in following order:

-Examination of mill performance level for fixing the engineering weeks
-Work program for improvement
-Computer-Aided in mill training courses and PC-programs
-Mill work related to work program of the project
-Conditions of contract

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In-Mill Training Courses

  • Quality Improvement in Spinning Mills and Quality Analyses
  • Knowledge Based Quality Management Mill Practices in Textile Mills
  • SPC-analyses and applications in Textile Mills
  • Production Volume Increasement In Spinning
  • Production Volume Increasement In Weaving Mills
  • Size Cost Reductions
  • Fabric Faults Analyses in Air-jet Weaving
  • Knowledge Based Management
  • Cost Reduction in Spinning Mills
  • Textile Technology and Spectrograph Analyses

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On-Line E-Learning Coarses

1. Application of Knowledge Based QCC for Textile Mills Version 1.1 with Itru QCCv1 Software

Register your company members to this E-Learning Course and reduce your manufacturing costs at least 15 %.

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Note: This system could be adapted to any type of manufacturing and services industry.
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2. Application of Knowledge Based SPC for Textile Mills Version 1.1 with Itru SPCv software Parts I and II

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3-E-Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement and Cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Fabric Information System and Yarn Process Engineering ver1.1 Software.

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