1.1 Purposes

This program is for use on IBM-compatible PCs to compute important fibre parameters for yield performance of ring and open-end spinning lines. The cost of raw material for a given finish product is determined by initial raw material price and the yield percentage. The yield percentage is the ratio of kilos of raw material output in product form to the 100 kg of raw material initially fed. Out of the manufacturing cost of any given product,the raw material cost by far the major component and consequently the control of the influencing factors is indispensable tool towards the control. The selection of raw material with regards to its initial price has to be based upon the following considerations:

Raw Material characteristics and consequently the raw material price ought to be adequate enough to meet the end product quality requirements and also must guarantee the maintenance of standard production cost,determined by mill performance i.e. frequency of stoppages rate.

The potential savings in initial raw material expenses can only be achieved through a well designed control systems which must bear following programs:

Waste Control Program together with Fibre Data would meet all the information required by the spinners such as short fibre content,neps per gram in card sliver,fibre breakage in ring frame etc. It is also possible to develop our programs to optimize machine settings in relation to fibre properties. Mass Spectrogram Data obtained from spectrogram curves could be utilized to identify the fibre breakage in roving or ring frames so that necessary measures taken before hand. The waste control program has been designed in such a way that any off-standard yield ascertained could be traced to the respective phase of processing in order to take corrective action.

Itru UAK-S2 Measurement Blowroom

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Itru UAK-S2 Measurement -Blowroom

Blowroom Waste -Minimum Usable Fibre %

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Yield Control Program could only be successful if it is carried out with bale management system,end break analyses,fibre length control by Mass Spectrogram Data so that forthcoming problems could be projected and time consuming trials are avoided.

1.2 Savings as a result of installation of YIELD PERFORMANCE PC-program

Raw material costs constitute the largest share in the yarn manufacturing . Therefore,the cost of yarn mainly depends upon raw material price per kg and performance of that material. With these pc-programs it becomes possible to

1 percent reduction in total waste contributes a large gain in the mill.

2.0 Yield Control as a R&D project

We carry out Yield Control pc-program as a research and development project in spinning mills . If you are interested in this project please get in touch with us.

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